Medication Assisted Treatment

Treatment at Alliance Recovery Center is a big commitment. At the beginning of opioid medication assisted treatment (MAT), we require all new clients to attend the clinic six days a week to receive medication and counseling. As treatment progresses, take-home medication will be given and the frequency of clinic visits will decrease. The length of time it takes to progress in treatment is different for everyone. Each client is an individual with unique experiences and needs and we tailor individualized treatment plans for every client. Some may choose life-long methadone or Buprenorphine maintenance while others may choose to become less dependent upon medication. Because each client is different, we discourage entering treatment with a timeline in mind.

Alliance Recovery Center strives to help our clients eliminate their addictive behaviors and resolve the issues that may have turned them to substance abuse through individual and group counseling. We employ a licensed, master’s level counseling staff dedicated to assisting our clients in making positive life changes. Each client will be assigned a primary counselor upon admission to treatment. Please be aware that individual counseling is not optional, it is mandatory. We also offer a wide variety of group counseling sessions. These are optional, however, we strongly encourage our clients to take advantage of our groups. There are no additional costs associated with individual or group counseling.

Alliance Recovery Center offers a variety of group counseling sessions on a daily basis. Times and days of group sessions are subject to change. Current group counseling schedules are posted at each location. Below is an example list of group counseling sessions by topic.

Medical services are also available on a daily basis. Our medical team is composed of medical doctors, nurses and pharmacists who will closely monitor the effectiveness of your medication and will make adjustments as necessary. We are also available for consultation related to health concerns outside of your treatment. All clients will receive a complete physical exam upon admission to treatment and every year thereafter to assess and monitor general health.